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How to remove 1 pixel space above tabs?

New Contributor

How to remove 1 pixel space above tabs?

Is it possible to remove this 1 px space above tabs (tab bar)?

What I'm trying to achieve is to find a way to either "shift" tabs more to top so that they cover that 1 px line so that when the mouse is moved to highest top of screen, tabs are being selected instead of current behavior where tabs are a bit down.

Using Linux build of Firefox on Debian with LXDE DE, Firefox being without decoration and maximized (as seen in screenshot).


  • Edit: I forgot to mention that when switching firefox to fullscreen more the desired behavious is achieved although the line is stil there but the tabs seletion space increases to the topmost of screen.
Expert Contributor

Re: How to remove 1 pixel space above tabs?


By default this is not possible. Perhaps there's an add-on that allows you to achieve such behavior.

Sorry for not being more helpful. Ibai