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How to disable a new FF feature

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How to disable a new FF feature

Firefox stable release, not aurora, as in the photo. about:config. click to play false.

Since I hate this new plugin warning (I am using Noscript), I would be very grateful to you if you may want to suggest me how to root out definitely this "plugin enabled window in the url bar (plugins-notification-icon?)". There are some keys in about:config to be setted to false or what else? (this feature requires one more click if I want to opend a pdf, very annoying).

Thank you in advance. Regards


Accepted Solutions
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Re: How to disable a new FF feature

Hi anuswara, you can hide the gray "lego" icon using a custom style rule. You can implement the rule using either (1) Stylish extension or (2) userChrome.css file. This is simply hiding the icon you do not need, and does not require click-to-play on or off.

Style rule (may need to change left or right margin to -6px depending on your specific toolbar layout):

@namespace url(;
/* Gray icon saying plugin is active and providing option to block */
  width: 0px !important;
  margin-left: -5px !important;
  margin-right: -5px !important;

This should not affect other notifications in that area of the address bar.

If you decide you want to remove a site's permission to run a plugin but still allow scripts, you can block the plugin on the Permissions tab of the Page Info dialog. To call up that dialog, you can choose one of these methods:

  • Click the site identity icon (globe or padlock) > More Information
  • Right-click the page > View Page Info
  • Tools menu > Page Info

Related discussion: How to get rid of plugin in use lego icon?

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Re: How to disable a new FF feature

If you read the whole thing, there is a addon listed to get back the old behavior.

"We redesigned the click-to-play feature to focus on enabling plugins per-site, rather than enabling individual plugin instances on the page. Advanced users who want to activate individual instances may still do so by installing a Firefox extension. "

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Re: How to disable a new FF feature

hello, in the current stable release where plugins.click_to_play is set to false this should only be happening for outdated/vulnerable plugins (i don't know if/how noscript may play into that matter though) - so please check that all of them are up-to-date:

in case plugins.click_to_play is set to true you could also set different settings (always activate/always ask/never activate) for different plugins in the firefox addons manager...

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Re: How to disable a new FF feature

Hi, its crazy that I have to install an addon to get the firefox behaviour as until the version 23 Smiley Sad I dont understand why it cannot be disabled via about:config.

I be sure: all the plugins are up to date Smiley Wink

why Mozilla "encouirages" users to install addon to get the "old" behaviour?

(we will wait for ff25 where noscript+plugin notifications+ click ti play enabled by default: too many and conflicting warnings).

I want to leave cli to play to false.

Did Mozilla try this feature with acrobat reader plugin too? this requires an additional click (page reload otherwise the pdf is blank).

from the link above: "To give people a better Firefox experience" I dont agrre whit this statement.

I guess that, after 5 years, its now time to switch to another browser.

Thank you both users for their answer (I appreciate your help) but I am astonished about this behaviour: addon addon addon....and new feauture that canno tbe removed via about:config.

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Re: How to disable a new FF feature

Also, so how is it interfering with NoScript?

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Re: How to disable a new FF feature

1) if I am watching a youtube video, I konw that flash is running, I dont want to see a notification for allow o deny flash. 2) if I am watching a silverlight video, I think that I want to watch the video and I dont like the notification allow or deny silverlight on the site....

3) if I am watching a pdf, I want to make what I made until ff23: click on the pdf link > click OK in Noscript > I watch the pdf. now this is conflicting: blank page, I have to reload the page.

I consider this new feature like a malware (an unwanted toolbar).

If a dev adds a feature, I guess that he is able to remove the feature he added. on-off. on-off. so...this is my question: there are a key on about:config to set to false to get the same behaviour as in ff23, or its compulsory to accept this (crazy) choice of the dev?

regarding the click to play I am fine because I found the key in about:config, regarding the dxva I fount it, nowhow to remove this Plugin notification introduced in ff24?

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Re: How to disable a new FF feature

I do use NoScript, but I just reinstalled my system, so i dont even have any plugins to test this with.

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Re: How to disable a new FF feature

the problem is not if this feature is working or not, my problem is how to remove this feature. I will try the german forum now.

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Re: How to disable a new FF feature

If you go to about:config, check if there are any "plugin.state.XXX" entries. If there are, reset them in the context menu. Does that fix it?

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Re: How to disable a new FF feature

hi, thanks. the same behaviour. ( = 0) does this icon depends really from java?

I wrote to moz dev, bugzilla, other mozilla forum: it seems that this is a tabù.

no one was able to tell me how to disable this new feature (and they are professional people regarding firefox things) very strange, I am worried. therefore I guess that its compulsory to mantain this strange behaviour: new icon in url bar, if you watch youtube, the window tells "allow or deny flash?" (but if I watch youtube its understable that I want to get flash running!!), the same with silverlight, and one additional click for watching a pdf (as said, with this feature I have to reload the pdf page).

Are other users (with noscript) happy with this new feature?