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How do i open extensions?

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How do i open extensions?

I downloaded some extensions that you have to open to use. The problem is that I can't figure out how to open them. They are not on/can't be put on the toolbar, are not in the "tools" tab, the only way I even know they are on my computer is by going to Tools > Addons > Extensions, and I can't even open them from there.

This happened

Not sure how often

== I downloaded the extensions/add-ons

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Re: How do i open extensions?

If you have downloaded an extension without installing it, you will have downloaded a .xpi file. Go to File > Open File and choose the .xpi file.

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Re: How do i open extensions?

I had the same problem and it was REALLY annoying... After hours of trying i found a way. Enable the "Menu bar" in the options(hover options) and then you can find the extensions under "Tools" just like it where in the previous versions. REALLY annoying. Why the hell can't you access this from the new menu?

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Re: How do i open extensions?

With the Firefox button menu, look for the word Add-ons on right side as that is the same as going to "Tools->Add-ons".

Re: How do i open extensions?

View menu -> Toolbar -> Customize. ... or ... Firefox -> Options -> Toolbar Layout...

in the customize toolbar check whether the extension you installed is there? If the extension is not there, restart Firefox and check whether the extension is there or not again. If, again, you could not find it there than you need to install the extension again. Once you see the extension in the Customize Toolbar dialog box, then drag that extension to the toolbar of Firefox window. From there you could launch your extensions conveniently.

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