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How do I undo an update?

New Contributor

How do I undo an update?

I was having trouble syncing data and had to create a new profile. The new profile ran an automatic update that I DID NOT want run. You have now updated me to a product that does not work with my Norton Product which I use extensively. This is a BETA product that you updated me to also. I am at the point right now of uninstalling Firefox on all my devices and telling everyone I know about how untrustworthy it is. I want to go back to the product where THINGS WORKED CORRECTLY.

Site Moderator

Re: How do I undo an update?

hello, firefox 19 is no longer a beta version - it got normally released today. as always norton makes its compatibility update for the toolbar available at the same time as a new firefox version is released. please run the symantec liveupdate & make sure that all components are up-to-date or for more information refer to