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How do I sort ALL my bookmarks into alphabetical order with ONE CLICK?

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How do I sort ALL my bookmarks into alphabetical order with ONE CLICK?

This functionality does not - nor has ever existed in any version of Firefox. (as far as I remember)

This question has been asked multiple times - and the answer is usually incomplete or too time consuming (especially for those of us who have over THREE THOUSAND bookmarks separated in hundreds of folders)

The only decent answer - used to be - to install an addon called SortPlaces: - though for some reason the developer was offended by those in control of Mozilla and has pulled all of his addons from every site that is easily accessible - the newest version of firefox has broken this add on - and Firefox has a very useless sorting system. --

Sorting your bookmarks - one folder at a time - using a right click option - that only works when you 'view -toolbars-bookmarks' (or when you right click within the bookmark menu system) is a pitiful system -

Why can't you sort it when in 'bookmarks - show all bookmarks' ?? (well you CAN sort it there - but it will revert back to its un sorted form upon closing the interface)

Why can't you export it into a json - or html - then sort using a text editor - or some other program - then re import?

With the promotion of your online bookmark sync system you would think that something as simple as SORTING would have been covered...

Other topics comparable - with answers that are not valid:

1 cor-el suggested right clicking each folder individually - or using the sourtplaces addon (which is no longer available)

2 various people suggest using the sort places add on.

3 SortPlaces is mentioned again - along with a link that looks REALLY OFFICIAL - and that link also suggests using the SortPlaces - the link says its not available at mozilla but can be found elsewhere -- but the latest firefox has broken it - so its useless now... the-edmeister suggested:

Not sure what happened with the developer of Sortspaces - I never used any of his addons or had any dealings with him - but he is certainly unhappy with the folks behind Firefox.

and HOORAY for Bookmark Duplicate Detector 1.1.1 (helped me get rid of over 700 duplicate bookmarks - got me down to 3400 total; the auto remove all does not work with firefox14 but the rest of it works fine- I just had to manually push delete over and over again for a few hours...)

- and the checkCompatibility 1.3 that allows me to load out of date add ons:

The CheckCompatibility allowed me to install the Sort Bookmarks add on - and it looks perfect - but will not properly function...

I hope my post helps others who are trying to sort their bookmarks - and I hope someone has an answer for some of my questions - preferably the title question... lol

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Re: How do I sort ALL my bookmarks into alphabetical order with ONE CLICK?

I think it would be great to offer users the choice of adding new bookmarks either at the end of the menu/folder (current behavior) or immediately sorted alphabetically. But I haven't searched to see whether any such feature is in the offing.

Of course, it also would be nice to have SortPlaces back and working again. Depending on the license under which the code was released, perhaps someone else can pick that up.

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Re: How do I sort ALL my bookmarks into alphabetical order with ONE CLICK?

jscher2000 sent me a PM with some info - I checked it out - it all seems legit - not sure how long it will be active - you have to use the WayBack machine to access the data...

SortPlaces 1.6.7 was the newest I was able to find - He gave me a link to sortplaces-1.9.2- which I just tested and it works on 14.0.1

Here is the link courtesy of jscher2000 - and Daniel Lange who created the backup source...,-SortPlaces-...-preserving-these-and-other-excellent-...

Here is the Wayback link for info:

So we have a difficult to find - temporary solution-which has been abandoned by its developer. What is the long term answer to solve this problem?

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Re: How do I sort ALL my bookmarks into alphabetical order with ONE CLICK?

I've been watching this (general) thread for years and waiting patiently for Mozilla to address it, w/out any success at all - obviously. And, no, the answers are NOT helpful to me!

I understand many people have no interest in bookmarks but clearly lots of people still use them. If you're going to have the feature that purports to sort bookmarks, for pete's sake, make it work. I'd think it would be an embarrassment to have a part of your program malfunction for so long. I mean, what are you folks? IE!?! Why don't you just ask someone to spend a couple days addressing the issue and get it straightened out? (Clearly i care enough about it but I don't code, so… I'm useless.)

For the record, a user shouldn't have to individually sort each folder within their Bookmarks folder. One should be able to pick an option that would apply to all folders. Sure, leave the ability to sort individually but add an "apply to all" feature to the mother folder. Then, find a way to have it automatically maintain that status, whatever is selected. Doesn't sound like that difficult a task, given all the other great things you guys and girls do all the time! That's my ¢.

By the way, I'm using a MB Pro 4,1 (early 2008), OS 10.6.8, and Firefox 19.0 beta. Thanks for listening to my bitching.

- cheers

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Re: How do I sort ALL my bookmarks into alphabetical order with ONE CLICK?

Has anyone posted a request either of these two places? (Probably, but if not, someone should, or we could add votes.)