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How do I remove iMesh from the search engine tab?!

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How do I remove iMesh from the search engine tab?!

I recently downloaded iMesh to get a few MP3 downloads. At first I was unable to uninstall the software--it told me it was in memory or in use and could not be removed. But it uninstalled today. It's off my computer, but it has hijacked my browser. When I click on a new tab, I get iMesh as a search engine. I want them off my computer! How can I revert my tabs to Firefox or Google? I went thru the steps to ensure that Firefox is my default browser.


Re: How do I remove iMesh from the search engine tab?!

Please do the following.

  • In the location bar, type about:config and hit Enter.
  • In the filter at the top, type: keyword.URL
  • Double click it and remove whatever's in there and replace it with
  • Go to File | Exit
  • Restart Firefox, go to the site you want to set as your homepage.
  • Go to Tools | Options | General.
  • Make sure it says "Show My Homepage" in the first dropdown menu.
  • Click the button called "Use Current Pages" to set the homepage to the one you have on the screen.

The URL to add in "keyword.URL" becomes a link in this post, so right click it and choose "Copy Link Location" to copy it to the Windows clipboard. Then hit CTRL+V to paste it. Saves you having to type the whole thing.

Re: How do I remove iMesh from the search engine tab?!

This did not help at all. I'm able to change my homepage while in Firefox. It will keep that new home page until I close out of Firefox. The next time I open Firefox, iMesh will be the home page again. The keyword.URL will have been reset to the babylon/iMesh information.

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Re: How do I remove iMesh from the search engine tab?!

I am not a computer expert and I couldn't get the above solution to work (on Windows xp). However, I have managed to remove the little s** from my computer as follows.

I used Windows Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs to remove the imeash program and the two Babylon programs. This didn't work.

I then downloaded AVG's PC Tuneup program ( It has a free trial for two days.

I ran this program to scan & repair. It found and repaired a lot of disc errors but still didn't sort the problem.

I then went to the advanced tab on the AVG PC Tuneup Program and asked it to list all programs.

It found one called "Media Bar" marked "rarely used" that I didn't recognize.

I asked AVG PC Tuneup to remove this program (button at top left hand) and when I clicked on "details" I noted that it had removed about 6 or more imesh files. Hooray!!

I then went into Firefox Tools/Options and re-set the home page, restarted FireFox, and to my great joy, imeash was nowhere to be seen. I did the same with Internet Explorer and everything is now as it should be. I just hope that that bloody awful program is not hiding elsewhere in my computer.

And I hope there is some justice in this world and imesh go bankrupt. Why should anyone want such an invasive program on there computer?