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How do I delete an add-on?

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How do I delete an add-on?

The add-on LyricXeeker 1.125 has been added to my add-ons and now Delta Search comes up every time I open a new tab. I want to delete this add-on, but the only options I have is to enable or disable the add-on. How can I delete the add-on?

Site Moderator

Re: How do I delete an add-on?

Extensions that do not have a "Remove" button are installed by other software and are not under control of the Firefox extension manager.
Such globally installed extensions are usually found via a registry scan or are installed in a location that Firefox scans for installed extensions.

Extensions installed this way need to be removed via the settings (options/preferences) of the program that has added this extension or you need to uninstall this program via the Control Panel.
In Firefox you an only disable such an extension.

Grand Master

Re: How do I delete an add-on?

It sounds like you have a third party program that has taken over your search engine, home page, and/or the default new tab page. Fortunately, this can be remedied easily:

install the Search Reset Tool. This will remove the traces of this program from Firefox.

and remove a possible user.js file in your profile folder

For further information, please read Remove a toolbar that has taken over your Firefox search or home page.

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