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How do I backup Navigaton Toolbar + Add-on Toolbar settings? [RECOVERING from Firefox RESET]

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How do I backup Navigaton Toolbar + Add-on Toolbar settings? [RECOVERING from Firefox RESET]


Recently had to RESET and had to manually re-instate my > Navigation Toolbar (the toolbar with the URL and google search in it) > Addson toolbar (the skinnier toolbar at the bottom)

1) How can I backup/export/restore these toolbars?

2) How can I automate the backup of these toolbars (like bookmarks) so it happens at a schedule set by firefox or in a preference by me?

3) What is best way to backup my ZOOM settings (the +/-) i use on my toolbar.

I use this extensively. Almost 100% of every page i visit has a preferred zoom set. This is a critical piece of configuration for me. so I would like to understand 1) how do i back it up 2) how to I automate the backup (like bookmarks) so it occurs automatically at a schedule (either set by firefox or set in a preference by me)

4) What is ffox support suggested procedure to backup your preference settings set in each of the ADD-ONs. I currently have over 50 add-ons and the list seems to be growing each month.

My add-on component is becoming a major component of my Firefox solution. Great in functionality, dangerous for recovering from the Firefox RESET feature. I have searched help online and found nothing of value to provide clear steps of what one must to do.


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Re: How do I backup Navigaton Toolbar + Add-on Toolbar settings? [RECOVERING from Firefox RESET]

(1) Toolbar customizations are stored in a file name localstore.rdf in your personal settings (AKA Firefox profile) folder. Unlike bookmarks, Firefox does not store daily snapshots, just the latest settings. You could try backing up this file periodically using an external program or add-on. This article describes how to make a copy of your entire profile folder: Back up and restore information in Firefox profiles.

To restore the settings from your old profile folder (Old Firefox Settings) you could try copying it to your current profile folder. To access your current profile folder, use

Help > Troubleshooting Information > Show Folder

Firefox may overwrite the existing localstore.rdf file when shutting down, so let Firefox shut down and wait a bit to ensure that it has finished its updating before replacing the file.

(2) See #1

(3) Not sure where this is stored, but probably one of the SQLite databases in the profile folder. ??

(4) Unfortunately, I don't think there is a single universal solution for capturing all add-on data. Add-ons can store data in Firefox preferences (e.g., NoScript stores your list of approved sites in prefs.js) or their own storage, either in your Firefox profile folder or, in the case of programs installed systemwide (e.g., RoboForm or Flash), outside your Firefox profile folder. However, backups of your active profile folder presumably would help protect you against the loss of all the data stored there.

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Re: How do I backup Navigaton Toolbar + Add-on Toolbar settings? [RECOVERING from Firefox RESET]

The zoom settings are stored in the content-prefs.sqlite file in the Firefox Profile Folder.

Note that it is usually not a good idea to backup and restore the localstore.rdf file.
This file also stores a lot of data about window dimensions and positions and info about open bookmarks folder and thus will grow over time with a lot of not really useful data and the file also easily gets corrupted.