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How delete the Google integration in Firefox (about:config)

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How delete the Google integration in Firefox (about:config)

If I type in about:config the name Google a lot of lines are showing. Firefox has a agreement with Google. I like Firefox (from the beginning, Phoenix), but without Google. The Google organisation is lying ('privacy police') for years and spying (cooperation with US-intelligences, 'Patriot Act'), not to forget the tracking on the internet. Because all this there also is a worldwide block started against the Googles behaviour and I even don't like them.

So as Firefox-user I have a free choice to choose which company I trust myself. There must be a way that there is no integration of advertising companies in the open source software of Mozilla Firefox. Maybe more FF-users have the same opinion, but maybe they fell asleep in the life they live, because I don't hear them. I'm bedridden (2006), disabled and have less energy to react at the world outside my bed; sometimes itś going.... :-). In my opinion belong some add-ons with Google integration on the blacklist of add-ons, because these developers have to ask theirselfs the question "Why do I use a company as Google in 'open source' software what I made myself for the Mozilla Firefox organisation "?

So my question is: How get I Google from the Firefox software, out of the 'about:config. I've tried it myself together with an add-on with Google integration, but Firefox got a crash. On places where Google was written I choose for DuckDuckGo and where the https number was written I choose for 0 or Zero. With zero Firefox can't live so who can help to clean the whole 'about:config' from the name Google. Yahoo and DuckDuckGo is okay from me.

Sorry for my bad Englisch language, it's not my language of birth, I'm a Dutchman of 58-years. Oh befor I close, Pretty aand healthy New Year!

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Re: How delete the Google integration in Firefox (about:config)

So not everything that is in about:config that references Google means you are using Google as your search engine. Alot of them have to do with the Google Safebrowsing malware protection, which simply uses a list (put together by google, Mozilla,, and others) to warn users if they visit a potentially dangerous site on that list. It doesn't use any private information. You can't remove it from Firefox, nor would you want to.

If you want to change the default search engine, read Use the Search bar in Firefox

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Re: How delete the Google integration in Firefox (about:config)

That's vary bad for me, but a lot of people are blocking Google because of their spying and collaboration with the US-intelligences, so if that is the only solution I have to look out to another browser (from Phoenix until now pfff). Nobody of in simple way said a lot of people don't trust Google any-more...... if they stop follow me, than there is a lot more of that organisation. I don't understand that Firefox or Mozilla give an advertising company (with banners and link-ads of Chromolux/Chrome on every not advertising website).... I work with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and deleted all my Google-software where Google had an unasked integration in my software, I blocked even those 'open source' software and put them on the blacklist..... If a software- developer doesn't tell his users why they put an untrusted commercial advertising company in their software, it get a fast punishment in this world. Everywhere round us are so many companies, organisations, politic-parties, secret services, Justice, presidents, e.s.o. who lying if it's the normal day of living.

First came all the lies, later came the corruption with the slush money affairs and the end the propaganda of hiding evidences (p.e. U.S-Government vs WikiLeaks) with (possible) shootings or suicides..... 'to save their life'..... the same as happened with the last bank-crisis.

Most people are sick of the games who some companies can play together with high departments and/or Governments....... without been stopped, brought to High Court and transparency the evidences.

I give a signal what's happening and what I want as private person, I'm not provocative person or well organized... but this blocking action is still easy going (a silence block, without heavy discussions).... the same could be happen with the OS Windows with IE..... asking money to test a program without support!!

Every computer user can make his choice what he/she will use and the same as now, if you use a program a very long time, than it give pain to go to the concurrency. After about 30-years I did the same Windows7/IE9, now it's a year with Ubuntu.... I'm a happy Ubuntu-user despite my 24/7 pain as an disabled and bedridden person. Sorry for my bad English, a lot of words come from a dictionary and when I have less energy I take a pause of 8-24 hours.

Thanks to your opinion/help, Ruudino.

P.S.: [Extra message] In every forum-message type or handwritten letter my last lines are about our way of life as disabled partners. In 2006 [the year I became bedridden] my partner and I made an own slogan/signature which is also our lifestyle. Maybe others can follow our choice! In our ring of (close) contacts were persons who only could be happy if they can lie about others (gossip), cheat or in some cases even threaten them... and all or not if we were there. With those persons (even family) we can not live and we radically break the contact. We are so happy with our decision that we like everyone to tell. Our signature is: ~ We are open, honest and sincere to ourself, to each other and to others...! ~ [End extra message]