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How Do I Stop Text Enhance Appearing On My Site

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How Do I Stop Text Enhance Appearing On My Site

There has been a lot information and solutions based around Text Enhance being a browser issue. However, I find that this cannot be entirely correct. My site has visitors using various browsers and recently I have had several visitors complain that they are seeing Text Enhance on my site and only my site.

I can agree with them as I have also only seen Text Enhance on my site. I have seen it using a brand new Mac Pro without ever changing the default setting. I have also seen it on Android, again without ever changing the browser default settings. Not only have I seen it using several different browsers and machines but also using different servers. I have never seen Text Enhance on any other site I have visited.

Could it be that I have infected my Magento site when I have updated some content?

I have recently followed some instructions from to remove it from Firefox and this has worked on my browser. But what about my visitors to my site

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Re: How Do I Stop Text Enhance Appearing On My Site

Do you mean this article?

Which steps helped in your case?

This is a local infection on your own computer and usually not a web page problem (hacked server).
Note that not every visitor is infected by text enhance and if that is the case then they can search for help on internet or on a forum.