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Having both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Grand Master

Having both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

I need to have both Internet Explorer and Firefox on my work computer. When I downloaded Firefox it took over my Explorer and now I can not access the stuff I need. Is there a way to reverse it on my Internet explorer so I have both options?

Shooting Star

Re: Having both Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Hello Jessi.

I will make a leap of faith and say that the shortcut you're using to launch Firefox is called "Internet". That's Microsoft's fault for misleading their costumers.

Here's what's happening: you have both Firefox and Internet Explorer installed in your computer. The thing is, Firefox is your default browser, and it will be used to open websites by default. To open Internet Explorer, you have to explicitly tell your computer to open it. To do so, you can go into your start menu, all programs, and look for the Internet Explorer shortcut (it may be inside some folder or something). Bear in mind that Internet Explorer is likely to ask you if you want to set it as your default browser. If you reply "yes", the "Internet" shortcut will launch Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, and, to launch Firefox, you'll need to go into All Programs > Mozilla Firefox and launch its shortcut. Again, if Internet Explorer is your default browser, once you launch Firefox, it will ask you if you want to set Firefox as your default browser.

You can disable this prompts easily, at least in Firefox. I recommend you set the browser you use the most as your default browser, and reply "no" when the other browser asks you to set it as the default one, or simply disable the prompt.

Hopefully this helps.