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Google redirects-- not occurring with other browsers, just Firefox.

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Google redirects-- not occurring with other browsers, just Firefox.

I had to stop using Firefox, because of the Google redirect problem which seems common with this browser, and does not seem to afflict other browsers.

After extensive testing, it turned out that neither IE nor Chrome had this problem on my machine. I ran every one of the non-spam programs recommended, from Kaspersky labs etc. Nothing was ever found.

I don't think I have a rootkit at this point, or else my other browsers would suffer the problem as well. I put more faith in reports that a Java vulnerability in Firefox causes this problem. Unfortunately, for at least some users like me, there doesn't seem to be any fix besides discontinuing the use of Firefox. Even reverting back to an earlier save point won't work for me, because I need my machine to be secure. This is a shame, because I had grown greatly accustomed to Firefox and still prefer it to Chrome.

Is there any fix for this bug being worked on by the Firefox development team? Or is the current status the permanent status-- people will continue to report the bug, will be pointed to malware removal tools, and a significant portion will be left high and dry? Is there a surefire fix for this bug today?

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Re: Google redirects-- not occurring with other browsers, just Firefox.

hello, does this also occur when you run firefox in safemode & if so, which extensions do you have installed presently?

Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems

please also make sure that you've set up firefox to directly connect to the internet ("no proxy") in firefox > options > advanced > network > connection - settings...

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Re: Google redirects-- not occurring with other browsers, just Firefox.

Google redirect virus is challenging to get rid of due to its capability to hide deep inside the operating system as well as its potential to eliminate traces and footprints on how it got inside the computer. As of nowadays, not a single security application in the industry can guarantee 100% protection from this infection. This explains, why your pc got infected even having a safety software installed.

Some computer users know that Google redirect virus is just not a virus, but in fact a rootkit. Rootkit infections unlike other virus, spyware or trojan infections are really difficult to get rid of. In most cases, google redirect virus rootkit is seen related to Trojans which makes it a lot more deadly. In accordance with a 2011 report, Google redirect virus have currently infected 45,00,000 computers worldwide, out of which 1/3rd is from US.

Some symptoms that you are having this virus on your PC:

  • Browsers freeze
  • Pages not loading at all
  • Google/Bing/Yahoo searches redirected to malicious site/s
  • Some programs won’t respond
  • Internet connection brakes itself
  • Terrible adds popping on visited webpage/s

If you have these symptoms on your Computer, I suggest using safe and respected software program as the 1 I've provided below. The Google redirect virus removal tool deals with malware infections that lead to Google redirect virus symptoms and are so difficult to detect and fix.

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Re: Google redirects-- not occurring with other browsers, just Firefox.

As this is first I've heard of this rootkit infection, I haven't tried other browsers. I've been an avid Firefox user for many years but when I finally counted and it took 52 clicks on the "Allow" when it wasn't being directed anywhere to stop its popping up! That is when I decided I had had enough and needed to find a solution to this annoyance. It has really cut into my production. I will look into this rootkit thing although from the little I read in this area, I can't do much to get rid of it. So, Malwarebytes won't help? Or the Spybot ... forget the rest of title! Nothing works? I have Norton Security Suite that says all is fine but frankly, I DO have some of the issues you mention so... Thanks for putting me in touch with the issue and I will attempt to figure it out, Thanks, S