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Force reload on music player pop-up window

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Force reload on music player pop-up window

I like to listen to WFMU archived radio shows. (i.e.

These shows play in a pop-up music player, at least that is the option I choose. From time to time, I have to put the players on pause, and if the players are on pause too long, they lose the connection, and you need to reload the player to get them playing again.

I am on a Mac OSX 10.9 running firefox v. 25.0. "Command+R" never worked to reload this pop-up window music player, but in earlier versions of firefox there was a force re-load button in the firefox menus that would work to reset the player.

This option seems to have disappeared, and I can't figure out how to force reload the pop-up window. (Note: The pop-up music player window does not have the normal navigation buttons like 'home' or 'reload')

Is there any way to force re-load this window?

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Re: Force reload on music player pop-up window

Hi extrabox,

I understand that you are listening to the music file in the window music player pop up window and are using the command "command r" to reload the popup window.

If you update to Firefox 26, the pop up window on that site will reload as desired.

The other work around I found was to take the url of the pop-up window and open it up in a new window. I hope this works for you.

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Re: Force reload on music player pop-up window

Hi, thank you for your suggestions. As I noted, I'm using Mac osX 10.9. The latest version of Firefox for Mac osX is v. 25.

I did install the 'Beta' Firefox 26 update to test your suggestion. It does not fix the reload problem.

Your work around works, but it is a kludgy work around. I still wish there was a way reload a pop-up window like this from within the program as there was in earlier versions of Firefox.