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Fllash 11.3 with Waterfox

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Fllash 11.3 with Waterfox

Re Waterfox and Flash

I have the problems with Flash11.3 I have followed the route to revert to Flash 10, but cannot get that working also. Not sure if it is related to running 64 bit.

Strangely I did get Flash 11.3 working 2 days age after totally deleting all Flash past installations, and doing a clean install. But next day, reverted to blank screen.

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Re: Fllash 11.3 with Waterfox

Yeah me too, ive been trying to fix it for several months. Its a hopeless timewaster. Firefox developers are too busy with thier fast release cycle, adding fancy features to keep up with Google chrome, so they just leave broken things broken. I use opera now for videos.

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Re: Fllash 11.3 with Waterfox

First, try to use Flash 11.5, it has alot of the bugs that were in Flash 11.3 fixed and is more secure anyway.

After doing that, you should also check if you have flash 32 bit or 64 (waterfox is not a supported product, it's a community effort, so we are limited in how much help we can be)

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Re: Fllash 11.3 with Waterfox

Have now progressed, but there remains a problem to be solved. I uninstalles Flash. I then disabled anti-virus, firewall, spamfilter and vulnerables. Installes flash (which it found the latest version to be the correct one to install), 11-5-502-110. When I wen tinto WATERFOX, it worked perfectly.

When i restarted the desktop later, waterfox failed to display using Flash.

If I run Find Flashplayer version, ( it identifies that flash is installed........ .

This sequence has now occurred twice (that is uninstallin then reinstalling Flash with firewall etc. disabled).

How do I now determine if the is a problem for Adobe or within Waterfox? No doubt a dud registry entry somewhere?