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Flash player 11.6 r602 memory leak and crash in FF 19.0

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Flash player 11.6 r602 memory leak and crash in FF 19.0

I have seen similar questions like this but have never witnessed it myself until today when Flash updated on FF 19.0. I'd like to see if this is Firefox or Adobe as the later is quick to say "this is normal".

I watch two streams (uStream and almost all the time that use flash on both sites. Usually it caps out at around 250MB and worked just fine this morning on uStream and is stable. Just got the Flash 11.6 update and neither currently work and will lock-up Firefox and eventually crash Adobe, which then frees up Firefox to allow me to use it again. It slowly creeps up to 1.9G before Adobe crashes.

I have tried, as suggested elsewhere on a very similar issue, to roll back to Adobe 10, add "ProtectedMode = 0" to the mms.cfg file in the macromed folders, and disabling hardware acceleration in Firefox options. This allowed Firefox to play flash media, but only after it as reached 2.8G of memory on an 8G physical memory machine (Adobe claims 10% is normal, which this is far beyond 10% of 8G)

I'd be quicker to blame Adobe on this, but I just got Firefox 19 the past 7 days, Adobe had always worked on Firefox before this update, but now even rolling back doesn't seem to work well at all. I'm not sure how to post my reports from about:crashes here, but... bp-492ad7e0-2bf8-46cb-b558-596252130228 2/27/20134:01 PM my latest (Eleven reports today). I have screenshots of both Adobe v10 and v11 leaking memory, but don't feel it's useful at this time.

Any help would be awesome and if it's not Firefox at all I guess I'll head back to Adobe with some more meat and potatoes for a more thorough support ticket over there. I just don't like having to use Chrome since it seems to work just fine on these pages Smiley Wink

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Re: Flash player 11.6 r602 memory leak and crash in FF 19.0

I do not particularly understand memory leaks and Flash problems but as your post is unanswered I will add some comments.

Note consider using about:memory andabout:compartments key them into the address bar, you will get detailed interactive memory information (look at the buttons and mousover tooltips) and so should help with proving the memory leak.

You may find information in the Flash Hang reports informative, such as bug links, but not much of recent interest in the one you posted.

(In a few weeks the new profiler may be something else that helps with such investigations ) You consider installing Firefox Nightly as an additional browser for test purposes. Some Flash or memory leak problems may already be resolved on that.

Unless you are a developer, the bugowner, or have vital new information you should not normally comment in bugs, but by all means file your own bugs using the links in your Crash or Hang reports.

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Re: Flash player 11.6 r602 memory leak and crash in FF 19.0

There are several of us having difficutly with FF and Adobe Flash since the release of FF 19.0.

Symptoms are locking up as soon as your homepage starts to load - especially if it's set to "msn". Freezing up when trying to play videos at numerous video sites.

This is happening on Windows 8, Windows 7 Ultimate and Pro, and a couple flavors of linux. We have scoured the internet trying to find info but no luck. When erasing and recreating the FF user profile the problem goes away temporarily but inevitably returns very soon.

Aggravating to say the least - and no one seems to be having any difficulty they are posting about....any suggestions?


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Re: Flash player 11.6 r602 memory leak and crash in FF 19.0

Hi pmstewart,

SeparateThreads please
By all means start a separate thread to list and keep track of possibly related problems and threads.That is not standard practice on this forum but may help you and others if there is indeed a common underlying cause. More often than not it is a symptom in common but multiple causes.

But please also start a thread for each individual problem and try to give the simplest possible steps to reproduce the problem. Complete the section asking for troubleshooting information when each of the initial post is made.

MSN Issue
If it is Fx19 related, maybe disabling the ion monkey JIT Javascript compiler would be a useful trouble shooting step.

As regards the fact deleting profiles helps temporarily, that is a rather crude method of destroying cookies and cache, which is one of the first suggested tips when a website does not load.

This forum, & Firefox Mozilla feedback both seem to have had a recent spike in MSN related problems, although the reason is not yet clear.

I suggest you look at the thread

  • Last two days Firefox 19.0 won't open Chrome will open it fine. I have deleted history and cookies but still no joy
  • /questions/952301

and follow the links from that to related threads, solutions, and trouble shooting articles.

If you do not find solutions then post your own question using

Please turn on telemetry

That was introduced after developers realised regressions in Firefox may be missed. It helps them spot problems. You also may display your own data and that helps you demonstrate a problem is real, and may help with problem diagnosis.

Flash Player
That alone is a major subject. Disable it to see if the problem is solved. If enabled then in >=Vista try with protected mode off.

If you start another thread please post back here others reading this may be interested and the threads can be crosslinked.

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Re: Flash player 11.6 r602 memory leak and crash in FF 19.0

Thanks for your prompt and helpful reply.....

When dealing with such a large problem with frequent FF lockups the temptation is to lump all information in an attempt to solve. LOL

Chasing multiple threads to help solve the problem may be helpful to the developers but it takes far too much time following and posting in each thread. As you can see it's taken a couple of days to get back to this post.

First thing we did is dump cache and cookies both through the interface and then manually in the profile. We changed the version of Flash installed manually and even changed the version of FF. There are many "flash" enabled pages we encountered which caused the MSN is not specifically the issue.

But when Flash is removed or disabled the browser no longer locks up.....suffice to say we get an error when visiting a website with flash content on it.

That is why I chose to post here as the problem is directly attributable to Flash in FF on all of our machines.


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Re: Flash player 11.6 r602 memory leak and crash in FF 19.0

One of the Firefox staff, mentioned recently the MSN problem spike is because of a change in how the Site handles cookies. Correctly clearing cookies, & maybe cache solves most problems.

Flash see

As I said individual questions please. We try to write Knowledge Base articles for common problems. For individual problems forum guidelines request users start new threads.

Create one thread and only one thread for each subject you want to discuss. For support requests, do not re-use existing threads started by others, even if they are seemingly on the same subject.