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Flash and Alt+arrow key

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Flash and Alt+arrow key

1. Go to Youtube 2. Play a video 3. Open in fullscreen with mouse 4. Close fullscreen with mouse 5. open again fullscreen with mouse 6. Close fullscreen again with mouse 7. Press alt+left to go back (nothing happens. the focus seems to stay on the fullscreen flash maybe?) 8. Click outside of the flash and on an ampty space on the web page. Press space. 9. Now alt+left works for some reason.

This problem because also affects my mouse. I have configured my mouse to make a web browser, file explorer or any other application navigate back or forward when i tilt my scrolling wheel left or right. This is a very big comfort for me because I don't have to have my one hand on backspace to navigate, or move my mouse onto the back button. And since Firefox takes away this huge comfort, it is very (very very ...) annoying problem.

There is another weird thing but it is not a big problem. When a text box is focused in Firefox, every time I tilt my mouse wheel to navigate back or forward, a symbol appears inside the text box, before Firefox goes back or forward. - back ♦ - forward ♠

I am using a Logitech V450 Laser Cordless mouse.

Software: Logitech Setpoint Control Center - control center verison 4.60.122 - driver version 4.60.122

Logitech support:

Still the main problem is with Alt+arrow navigation.

Another unrelated thing that i find a little annoying about Firefox is that when I scroll left or right with my touchpad, then instead of scrolling left or right, Firefox acts like I am repeatedly pressing the left or right key. It would be nice if it would just scroll left or right.

I still like Firefox a lot, Thanks!

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== Open and close flash in fullscreen 2x with mouse click

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Re: Flash and Alt+arrow key

1. Read bug 78414 2. Wait for the developers to fix it.