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Firefox will not let me type AT ALL

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Firefox will not let me type AT ALL

Okay, this is really strange... FIrefox has been working as a wonderful browser for me for over three years now, and I've never had more than an occasional small problem with it. I was using it this morning, up until about 5 today and after playing a game, I decided I wanted to google something and went to firefox. I tried to type something, and it would *not* let me type anywhere, including the URL bar, and the search bars etc. It is not a problem with my keyboard, because I can still type things in Chrome and notepad etc without a problem. I'm wondering if it was something I pressed? I restarted it several times with no success, and even started it in 'safe mode' with no change. Please help!

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Re: Firefox will not let me type AT ALL

Hello MeadowSparrow, try to create a new profile and see if that solve the issue. If the problem does not exist with the new profile then you can Transferring data to a new profile .

thank you

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Re: Firefox will not let me type AT ALL

Did you try to restart Firefox and possibly reboot the computer?

You can also check for problems with extensions and plugins.

Also make sure that you haven't switched the keyboard layout for Firefox. Windows remembers the keyboard layout per application.