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Firefox v18 keeps crashing - submitted crash reports

New Contributor

Firefox v18 keeps crashing - submitted crash reports

The following submitted crash reports were obtained by entering 'about:crashes' into the address bar of a new FF window.

Report ID Date Submitted bp-54bcf379-07b8-49d7-85fb-82a4a2130113 13/01/201301:13

bp-6513ca7d-1cd1-4f03-bdb3-72cb22130113 13/01/201301:08

bp-631084e9-6e2c-4217-a9ba-d47c02130113 13/01/201301:05

bp-1673edba-dc67-4786-805f-d2c222130112 12/01/201323:45

bp-9b19c22f-7491-4cdd-a7f1-d93702130112 12/01/201323:39

5fb71131-9c60-4268-9198-e9ad24a47be9 12/01/201323:35

bp-e4b7c95a-c01c-4345-9c44-cc1262130112 12/01/201323:18

bp-bc8b0fa6-eb40-48f0-8b2c-7531f2130112 12/01/201323:16

bp-3f698d21-08cf-47ad-8dc8-978172130112 12/01/201323:13

bp-47b5a78f-8cbb-4610-aa1e-7fc302130112 12/01/201323:05

bp-08178e13-a581-40d4-935c-4b6f02130112 12/01/201322:31

Senior Contributor

Re: Firefox v18 keeps crashing - submitted crash reports

I got them now, reason why I thought they were not submitted is because the date and timestamp was included with the crash ID number above when posted, now I am able to pull them up and look at them.

New Contributor

Re: Firefox v18 keeps crashing - submitted crash reports

I just want to point out a critical point!

The crashes that get submitted are ONLY the ones where the whole Firefox window crashes and closes down.

HOWEVER, Firefox freezes (and effectively crashes) at least TEN times as many times as the ones that get submitted!

FF has just crashed again for me, but it has 'frozen' at least 20 times before that, since the last crash. When FF freezes, I have to manually shut down the process through Task manager and restart it.

Am hoping you can see something from the crash reports, but am weary that you are not seeing anything about the freezes, which happen MUCH more often. NB. It is when the FF process reaches 25% usage.

Senior Contributor

Re: Firefox v18 keeps crashing - submitted crash reports

Ok Don so I looked through your crash reports and did some research to verify my suspicions regarding some of the modules I saw & it seems your crashes and issues are being caused from what I can initially right now by malware that is on your PC itself.

Sometimes a problem with Firefox may be a result of malware installed on your computer, that you may not be aware of.

You'll need to try either one or some of the following programs to scan for malware:

You will also need to reference the KB article below which is very important.

Further information can be found in the Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware article.

I would have been able to report this sooner if I had submitted the crash ID's correctly previously.

New Contributor

Re: Firefox v18 keeps crashing - submitted crash reports

I would be very surprised if it is any form of virus or malware as I permanently run the full version of AVG Internet Security 2013.

It updates at least daily and runs a full scan every day.

Indeed, I ran another full scan last evening when I started getting the crashes. Nothing was reported.

However, I will try the MalwareBytes software as I have used that before.

New Contributor

Re: Firefox v18 keeps crashing - submitted crash reports

OK, so I downloaded Malwarebytes and updated it.

I then performed a Quick Scan. It found some 'rootkit', removed it and I rebooted as requested.

I re-ran the quick scan, and it found nothing.

I started using FF again, froze again within 20 seconds.

Looking at Task Manager it froze with CPU at 25%, and I then saw the memory usage creep up from about 800Mb to well over 3Gb before the whole Firefox process crashed.

I will proceed with a MalwareBytes Full Scan....

Senior Contributor

Re: Firefox v18 keeps crashing - submitted crash reports

Again Virus & Malware are two different animals.

Your Crash ID is basically a unique identifier for only you specifically.

Your Crash ID when submitted can be found here

If you click the details tab & select modules you'll see some listings there that have no version information, debug info, nothing really other than file name or another value rather than the majority which are fully populated across all fields. When you see this on multiple lines such as your first Crash ID, it's generally an indication you have some malware installed somewhere or malware related issue.

Senior Contributor

Re: Firefox v18 keeps crashing - submitted crash reports

Be sure to note the support article also posted with the malware product lists I posted.

New Contributor

Re: Firefox v18 keeps crashing - submitted crash reports

I've gone to the link you stated, but I see no 'details tab'.

I can see the boc top right where I can enter and search for my crash ID. If I enter one of the crash IDs I go to a page where there is a lot of information. Not least a LOT of comments below (mostly Russian) but many in English all complaining about constant crashes in version 18.

Having said that, FF has crashed around 10 times in the last couple of minutes, so doing ANYTHING is TOO frustrating......

I have now run MalwareBytes Full Scan and it found nothing.

Regarding your last comment about reading the support article, I have already done so, and am not sure what point you need to make. The article discusses what malware is (I know), how to prevent it being installed (I know), advised to run anti-virus (I do) and how to remove malware - I have already run MalwareBytes, and have now also run Microsoft Safety Scanner and Kaspersky TDSSKiller. None found anything to remove.

I appreciate that my symptoms exhibit 'one' possible behavoiur of Malware - Firefox crashes or hangs a lot. However, I have now run several Malware removal tools and none of them find any malware.

My system does NOT exhibit any other behaviour typical of malware - my homepage is NOT hijacked, I am NOT seeing any popups, I am NOT being re-directed, there are NO unwanted toolbars, I am NOT prevented from accessing any sites. So.....the obvious answer is that I DON'T have any malware, and hence it is NOT malware that is causing the issues with Firefox.

I have ONLY seen my problems since FF v18 was installed.

I wish there were some way to go back to version 17 when everything was stable......

The only option available appears to be to drop FF altogether and go back to IE....

Senior Contributor

Re: Firefox v18 keeps crashing - submitted crash reports

You mentioned previously that you wish you could install a previous version of Firefox. Ask and you shall receive, go to the following page & you'll be able to download any version you want, from the very very first release to the most current & everything in between. Just make sure you completely remove the current version. What I do is actually use a third party uninstaller that I got from [] called Revo Uninstaller. It runs the basic standard built in uninstaller bundled with the program but then it also scans the hard disk & registry for left over files and folder & allows you to get it all gone.

Here's the link to all the various versions.