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Firefox sucks

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Firefox sucks

A few years ago Firefox was the best browser but now I can honestly say that it sucks and it's going the wrong way (like this shit - Internet Explorer):

1) Why does it consume 2300MB of RAM where Google Chrome needs 80MB?

2) That's the only browser that occasionally turn mu processor cooler on (and I've got i7 quad + 8gb ram).

3) Firefox "Not responding" - common lately

4) "Stop script" that doesn't work in FF13 - breaks entire browser and in Chrome it's flawless

5) Firefox 13 on Mac 10.7.4 - TRAGEDY (multiple hardware acceleration problems).

6) Animations - very slow, FAR, FAAAAR slower than in Chrome

7) Launch time - 15 seconds (?) where chrome is 0.5 seconds.

8) Most importantly - when I submit feedback on Google Developers Forum about Google Chrome - I get RESPONSE from developers the same day and my suggestions are FIXED within next Chrome release (I get notification about fix via email). When I submit feedback to Firefox - it NEVER GETS FIXED, nor do I receive any reply from any developer. Complaints are ignored altogether unless thousands of people have the same issue.

Sorry guys but I'm permanently moving to Google Chrome today - 17 June 2012.

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Re: Firefox sucks

ok, you already seem to have made up your mind - but in case you want to tackle 1)-6) resetting firefox would be a good starting point (that will keep your bookmarks and passwords)

Refresh Firefox - reset add-ons and settings

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Re: Firefox sucks

Hi Paul,

Sorry you are having a lot of problems with Firefox.

This is the support forum, and has a primary purpose of trying to provide solutions to single questions, about individual users specific use problems. This is not the place to discuss developer suggestions, provide feedback, or discuss Firfefox's features or failings.

To provide general feedback quickly use the "Feedback button" or from an up-to-date Firefox browser the link

It is also useful to turn on the "telemetry" option, this allows anonymous data to be sent off for developer's use.

Firefox has had memory problems, mostly they relate to the additional software that may be used with it. You may be interested in one of the developer's blogs about the work done over the last year, you will note Firefox now has better tools for identifying problems, and that problems are being addressed.

If you do have a specific instance where Firefox is using 2300MB against Google Chrome's 80MB (And if you do so it is probably best to ask a separate question about the subject that we can cross link to this general question) it could be looked at, and may even be possible to file a bug about it if the problem is real. It may be necessary to use Firefox in it's troubleshooting Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode when looking into the problem.

You may also be interested in another developer’s blog

You are apparently talking also about problems on Mac whilst posting from Windows.

You say you have moved permanently to Chrome, so there is not anything more that can be done to help you with Firefox.

I think it is best if I lock this thread, because otherwise it will attract questions that would be better answered in their own thread, or comments better discussed elsewhere.If you wish me to link another question into this, or if you wish to add anything yourself let me know and I will add that information, or temporarily unlock the thread for you.

(I may be contacted using the [PM] Private Messaging system
when you are logged into the forum
click the inbox link at the top of the page, or my name under the icon )

If you need to file bugs for Firefox problems that is done at Bugzilla However the bugs tend to be rather formal, and it could be a good idea to post about a problem on a forum for discussion before trying to post a bug. Bugs about problems are usually expected to have Steps To Reproduce, and each bug tends to be limited very specific to single problems. Problems that may be addressed with one fix.