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Firefox reports SSL certificate expired

New Contributor

Firefox reports SSL certificate expired

This only happens running firefox on OSX, snow leopard. If I go to the verizon secure texting site to send a text message (, After filling in form, when I click the submit button, a error message appears that URL SSL certificate has expired. If I look at the source HTML this URL is used an event callback. For what I do not know. If I check the URL certificate at Verisign and SSLshopper it indeed is reported as being expired. However, the problem is this. The expired SSL certificate is only reported in firefox on OSX. It is not reported by Chrome, Safari, or Internet explorer on OSX. On SUSE firefox does not report the expired certificate. Nor does chrome. The certificate is not reported as expired by firefox, chrome, or internet explorer on Windows. Why? Here is the code snippet

 var _hbEC=0, _hbE=new Array; function _hbEvent(a,b){b=_hbE[_hbEC++]=new Object();
 b._N=a;b._C=0;return b;}
 var hbx=_hbEvent("pv");hbx.vpc="HBX0200u";"";
  	hbx.pndef="title";"auto";//LINK TRACKING"y";//Lower Case
Master Contributor

Re: Firefox reports SSL certificate expired

Is the date / time set correctly on that PC?