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Firefox remember passwords --- is it secure?

New User

Firefox remember passwords --- is it secure?

Is it better to have Firefox remember passwords for sites or is it better to enter it manually each time? Which is more secure?

My computer requires a log-on password and I also have a master Firefox password that must be entered every time.

I still take this precaution even though I'm the only user at my house.

But what if the computer is hacked? Is it less secure that you have had Firefox remember the passwords and user names?

Also if someone stole the computer, can they remove the hard drive and access my data without my passwords?

SUMO Contributor

Re: Firefox remember passwords --- is it secure?

Its ok to save password on your Firefox. It never share to anywhere except your pc..if you feel unsecure or if your pc access any other people, you can set master password on your Firefox. See: