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Firefox not updating automatically

New Contributor

Firefox not updating automatically

Although Firefox Helo informed me that my version was up to date and my options are set for auto updating, I found last week as a result of a specific website no longer that I had not been updated since 9.02 although the latest version is 12 which I have now manually installed.

How do I ensure I am automatically updated in future?

Site Moderator

Re: Firefox not updating automatically

Click the Firefox button, then go to Options.Then advanced, then update. Make sure Firefox is set to update automatically.

Sometimes the updater gets corrupted, which could be what happened in your case. Reinstalling Firefox should fix that (and you already reinstalled) so you should be good.

New Contributor

Re: Firefox not updating automatically

Thanks for the advice

I did this before I posted this morning and it was OK but as you say the setting may well have become corrupted while I was still running 9.02.

I posted the my query because I don't want it to happen again but there doesn't seem to be any reason why it should

Thanks again for the prompt reply