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Firefox freezes in Admin CP of VB4

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Firefox freezes in Admin CP of VB4

I am running VB4 on a site. When I am in the Admin Control Panel, I have a scrollable list on the left of the screen with items to select to run the forum. When I select Advertising, the correct screen comes up in the right window of the screen and lists my running ads. Each "Ad" has an edit button, when I click the edit button, I get an empty right window and it just sits there. I pressed CTRL F5 for a refresh and it dumps me back to the main CP screen. I try again to edit the advertising ads and it goes empty and does nothing. This failure is on my desktop version of firefox.

Now, I do the same steps in Firefox on my laptop and the ad "edit" button works just fine and I can complete the action.

Also, I opened IE 10 on the desktop, go to the Admin CP, click on advertising, the list comes up in the right window panel and I can "edit" any of the ads and it works fine.

I also have lost the ad pictures when I look in the forum as an admin. The laptop shows the ad pictures and IE10 (on the desktop) shows the pictures but my Firefox does not. I've removed all of my firefox cookies for the site (closed the browser) and started anew still no pictures. I did a CTRL F5 on the forum page and no pictures appear.

The ads pictures are visible on the laptop using Firefox and IE10 on the desktop.

I think something is corrupted in Firefox but I'm not too sure how to refresh or correct the issue.


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Re: Firefox freezes in Admin CP of VB4

Sorry no-one seems to be answering this.

As you have a web development problem you may be best asking on a Mozillazine forum