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Firefox crashing often since 15. Particularly issues with Firebug

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Firefox crashing often since 15. Particularly issues with Firebug

My crashing issues started beginning with 15, and have persisted. I'm on OSX 10.7.4.

There are quite a few random crashes, but the issue that causes a crash nearly every time is when in Firebug, I hover over the "Style" tab in the lower right hand side of the screen. Typically, once the mouse enters that area in the Firebug inspector, it's an instant crash.

Today, I tried completely uninstalling and then re-installing Firefox. Upon doing so, I also went to re-install Firebug. What I was running into today was FF crashing as soon as the Firebug install was done. I'd then restart the browser, open the Firebug inspector, hover over the Style area... crashed as before.

I very much prefer FireFox to any other browser, and using Firebug is quite essential at my job. I'd really like to get these crashing issues resolved but I seem to keep hitting dead ends when researching possible solutions.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Firefox crashing often since 15. Particularly issues with Firebug

There are too many variables here causing your problem, Firebug is a great and usually stable AddOn but is also a known culprit of crashes and is clearly incompatible with your setup.

If Firebug is essential to your job, and if you're a Firebug user then you're probably at least a budding application developer or professional appdev specialist thus you should be comfortable with the concepts of version control.

SO, download the PortableApps version of FF and install it upon a USB or separate partition and load FireBug to determine if that solves your crisis, if so... then you can be confident your original crashes are being caused by something resident in your MacOS profile.

If it doesn't solve your problem, then you have a larger environmental issue that can be as varied as your ISP's connection, or something in the chain of connection to the web including but not limited to the way your firewall or router, proxy or other element connects to the web.