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Firefox crashes

New Contributor

Firefox crashes

The problem of FireFox crashing is unique to FireFox alone. No such problem with Google Chrome, but I prefer FF as Chrome is a hog on my limited resources.

In the midst of browsing or reading e-mail at (say) Yahoo, my FF will crash leaving behind a message to be sent to Microsoft:

Error signatures

AppName: firefox.exe AppVer: ModName: msvcr90.dll ModVer: 9.0.30729.4148 Offset: 00059231

My Adobe Flash Player is updated to version 10.3 My operating system is Windows XP SP2 Professional Processor AMD Athlon (tm) 64 Processor 3200+ 2.01Ghz 1 GB RAM

Currently, I do not have any ADD-On. For the fact I cannot go to ADD-ON page too as FF crashes. Currently, I have version 6.0.2 and is set to send Crash Reports to FF. BUT I do not think any crash reports are going to FF after you read the contents of attached crashrepoter.ini and crashrepoter-override.ini though there is a crashreporter.exe. All these are from C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox. Sorry, no provision to attach files here at

My FF 3.6 was running very, very well for some years with AVG Free Antivirus until a couple weeks back FF crashed with AVG Free 2011 Antivirus. I tried FF 3.6.19 and then 3.6.22 but no avail even after a Windows Reinstall which is done with prior formatting of the C:\ drive.

I then switched to AVAST 6.0 Free Antivirus along with FF 3.6. It worked fine for a week and, again started crashing.

I switched to AVG Free 2012 Antivirus along with FF 6.0.2 but kept crashing intermittently. HOWEVER, no problems whatsoever with Google Chrome 14.0.835.186 Final Stable version.

Mozilla is leaping to version 9 but what good are these versions if they have not been checked for bugs or like Microsoft, leaving it to your users to report the bugs. But how to report the bugs when the crashrepoter.ini does not work?

I am using Google Chrome to get to your site and post.

New Contributor

Re: Firefox crashes

By the way the content of crashrepoter.ini is:

  1. This file is in the UTF-8 encoding


  2. Leave this entry empty unless your language requires right-to-left layout,
  3. for example like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian. If your language needs RTL, please
  4. use the untranslated English word "yes" as value

isRTL= CrashReporterTitle=Crash Reporter

  1. LOCALIZATION NOTE (CrashReporterVendorTitle): %s is replaced with the vendor name. (i.e. "Mozilla")

CrashReporterVendorTitle=%s Crash Reporter

  1. LOCALIZATION NOTE (CrashReporterErrorText): %s is replaced with another string containing detailed information.

CrashReporterErrorText=The application had a problem and crashed.\n\nUnfortunately, the crash reporter is unable to submit a report for this crash.\n\nDetails: %s

  1. LOCALIZATION NOTE (CrashReporterProductErrorText2): The first %s is replaced with the product name (i.e. "Firefox"), the second is replaced with another string containing detailed information. These two substitutions can not be reordered!

CrashReporterProductErrorText2=%s had a problem and crashed.\n\nUnfortunately, the crash reporter is unable to submit a crash report.\n\nDetails: %s CrashReporterSorry=We're Sorry

  1. LOCALIZATION NOTE (CrashReporterDescriptionText2): The %s is replaced with the product name.

CrashReporterDescriptionText2=%s had a problem and crashed.\n\nTo help us diagnose and fix the problem, you can send us a crash report. CrashReporterDefault=This application is run after a crash to report the problem to the application vendor. It should not be run directly. Details=Details… ViewReportTitle=Report Contents CommentGrayText=Add a comment (comments are publicly visible) ExtraReportInfo=This report also contains technical information about the state of the application when it crashed.

  1. LOCALIZATION NOTE (CheckSendReport): The %s is replaced with the vendor name.

CheckSendReport=Tell %s about this crash so they can fix it CheckIncludeURL=Include the address of the page I was on CheckAllowEmail=Allow %s to contact me about this report EmailGrayText=Enter your email address here ReportPreSubmit2=Your crash report will be submitted before you quit or restart. ReportDuringSubmit2=Submitting your report… ReportSubmitSuccess=Report submitted successfully! ReportSubmitFailed=There was a problem submitting your report. ReportResubmit=Resending reports that previously failed to send…

  1. LOCALIZATION NOTE (Quit2): The %s is replaced with the product name.

Quit2=Quit %s

  1. LOCALIZATION NOTE (Restart): The %s is replaced with the product name.

Restart=Restart %s Ok=OK Close=Close

  1. LOCALIZATION NOTE (CrashID): The %s is replaced with the Crash ID from the server, which is a string like abc12345-6789-0abc-def1-23456abcdef1

CrashID=Crash ID: %s

  1. LOCALIZATION NOTE (CrashDetailsURL): The %s is replaced with a URL that the user can visit to view the crash details.

CrashDetailsURL=You can view details of this crash at %s ErrorBadArguments=The application passed an invalid argument. ErrorExtraFileExists=The application didn't leave an application data file. ErrorExtraFileRead=Couldn't read the application data file. ErrorExtraFileMove=Couldn't move application data file. ErrorDumpFileExists=The application did not leave a crash dump file. ErrorDumpFileMove=Couldn't move crash dump. ErrorNoProductName=The application did not identify itself. ErrorNoServerURL=The application did not specify a crash reporting server. ErrorNoSettingsPath=Couldn't find the crash reporter's settings. ErrorCreateDumpDir=Couldn't create pending dump directory.

  1. LOCALIZATION NOTE (ErrorEndOfLife): The %s is replaced with the product name.

ErrorEndOfLife=The version of %s you are using is no longer supported. Crash reports are no longer being accepted for this version. Please consider upgrading to a supported version.

From the above content it seems like crashrepoter is not working for version 6.0.2. Just so that crashrepoter comes to you should I install version 8 though the same may be a waste of my time for me as it too may play hip-hop?