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Firefox crashes on startup.

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Firefox crashes on startup.

Good afternoon.

Since the upgrade to 9.0 more times than not FireFox 9 was crashing upon attempting to open the application.

Normally Once I got it to run I was able to browse anything and everything with the software with no more or less crashes than normal.

This was true even in safe mode. I had assumed others had this same problem. As such I waited for FireFox to fix the issue in 9.0.1

When this update came out I installed the software. The problem not only persists, it has gotten worse.

I am writing this email after having attempted to start FireFox more than 100 times in a row without sucess.

I have prevously uninstalled and reinstalled Firefox. Reformatted my PC and reinstalled Windows XP then reinstalled all updates.

At this point in time I am running Firefox 9.0.1 with the most recent version of Adobie Flash player and I beleive one single plugin, that being a 'persona' called 'Gothic Girl.'

I have also installed AVG free version onto the computer which I beleive installs a Safe Search function into the browser.

This problem had percisted before the installation of AVG.

I have no such problems running IE or Google Chrome.

System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3

Computer: Intel Celeron D 3.20GHZ, 512K L2 cache, 2.00GH DDR RAM

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Re: Firefox crashes on startup.

Adding more information, after a restart of my computer I disabled AVG by turning off Resident Shield in the application.

FireFox continued to crash after attempting to start. I was however, after several attempts, able to get the crash report from one of these.

AvailableVirtualMemory: 2065035264 BuildID: 20111220165912 CrashTime: 1325040219 InstallTime: 1324796793 ProductName: Firefox ReleaseChannel: release SecondsSinceLastCrash: 918 StartupTime: 1325040219 SystemMemoryUsePercentage: 26 Throttleable: 1 TotalVirtualMemory: 2147352576 URL: Vendor: Mozilla Version: 9.0.1

Also, after several more attempts to start FireFox I was able to get it to open.

The current installed software for my FireFox is as follows.

Extensions: AVG Safe Search ( Disabled ) AVG Security Toolbar (Disabled ) Java Console 6.0.22 (Disabled, Incompatible with current FireFox Version ) Java Console 6.0.30 (Disabled, Incompatible with current FireFox Version ) Java Quick Starter 1.0 (Disabled )

Appearance: Default 9.0.1 Gothic Girl (Disabled )

Plugins: Java Deployment Toolkit 6.0.300.12 (Enabled ) Java Platform SE 6 U30 6.0.300.12 (Enabled ) Microsoft DRM (Enabled ) (Netscape Plugin) Microsoft DRM (Enabled ) (Network Object ) Shockwave Flash (Enabled ) Windows Media Player Plug-in Dynamic Link Library (Enabled )

This is the configuration that gives me the most luck starting the application. It is by no means an acceptable rate of start up success, as normally it still takes me 3 to 10 times to get Firefox to start running.

Thank you for your attention to this issue. Let me know if there is any further information I can provide in order to assist in the trouble shooting process.