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Firefox 8 Memory Leak

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Firefox 8 Memory Leak

Having two tabs open, memory rises slowlyall by itself, to where the main process is using almost 2.2GB and the plugin containers are taking up about another 1.2GB by themselves. CLosing Firefox didn't help. I had to go to task managed and End Process...I've got 4GB RAM and an intel Core 2 Duo CPU. Yes, everything is updated...

What's up with this? Please Mozilla, make FF awesome again!


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Re: Firefox 8 Memory Leak

With all the upgrades with firefox you would think they could fix the memory leaks. I downloaded 9 and 10 and it is so slow you can't use it. Why do they release these version before they actually test them out.

I hope all of the programmers are listening to people comments. Also, I wish someone could address the problem using windows vista with firefox 8.1

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Re: Firefox 8 Memory Leak

Please see the help article High memory usage.

Try starting Firefox in its Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode (hold down the SHIFT key when starting Firefox) and see if you still have the problem after performing some normal browsing.

If the problem goes away in safe mode,

then you likely have a plug-in, add-on, or a combination of two or more that is causing the problem. Because Firefox allows users to customize endlessly, sometimes there can be conflicts between customized items, so to determine if this is the problem:

Restart Firefox normally, then disable all plug-ins and add-ons with

Tools -> Add-ons

then re-enable them one by one, restarting Firefox after each and testing after each one to see which one or combination of two or more is causing the problem.

If the problem still occurs in safe mode,

  1. Create a new Firefox profile for testing (see: Use the Profile Manager to create and remove Firefox profiles), and don't install any add-ons in the new profile.

  2. Run Firefox with the new profile (no add-ons installed and all plug-ins disabled).

    If the problem still occurs with a new profile, then

    Check for updates to your video drivers both on your operating system and on the manufacturers' sites, install any of those updates and reboot. See the help article Upgrade your graphics drivers to use hardware acceleration and WebGL

    If no updates or problem still occurs after updates:

    1. Download a fresh copy of Firefox from

    2. Re-install Firefox (see: How to download and install Firefox on Windows for more help. )

      1. uninstall Firefox,
      2. delete the Firefox program files folder, (important)
      3. reboot before re-installing,
      4. re-install with administrator privileges. (important)
    3. Run the new installation of Firefox with the new profile
  3. Install your add-ons and re-enable your plug-ins in the new profile, one by one, testing after each for problems

If you still have a problem, please report back here with the steps you took, and with a full troubleshooting report

            (Help -> Troubleshooting information)

Please mark this issue as "Solved" if it solved your issue, or post back if it did not.

edited to detail reinstall process

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Re: Firefox 8 Memory Leak

I have exactly same problem. and the method described above doesn't work. My firefox is plugin-free, except for adobe player stuff. usually i have high memory usage, where high is 1GB and MORE, when i'm visiting websites with high image content (about 20 pictures in a window), such as photo-galeries. But today i've experienced a completely new, devastating memory leak. opening facebook and seeing Firefox memory usage skyrocketing from 1.7 GB to 2.5 GB in just 5 seconds, right before it crashed. Bravo firefox! i bet you got the ultimate record in that! I have printscreens of this record beating memory leak if somebody is interested in.

2011-12-05-09-24-54-44a50f.JPG 2011-12-05-09-25-02-bcbe33.JPG
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Re: Firefox 8 Memory Leak

Reinstalling from clean did not do anything. Removing add-ons did not do anything. Even on my MacBook Air this happens (but to a much lesser extent)... Memory usage climbs slowly as I browse, then after a while it goes higher and higher and gets laggier and starts freezing...

I always update everything to the latest, I doubt it's the problem...

Re: Firefox 8 Memory Leak

Read the help article. Followed every suggestion exactly. I even uninstalled and reinstalled FF8.01. Problem persists. Frankly, FF has been taking a quick trip downhill starting with Version 4. Mozilla seems to have reverted to the shoddy practices of the AOL days.

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Re: Firefox 8 Memory Leak

Are you using a ZoneAlarm firewall? There are many posts in the ZoneAlarm forums where people are reporting similar issues.

If using ZoneAlarm, please try the following test: in your System Config settings (on Win7)

     Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > System Configuration

Uncheck the box for the ZoneAlarm Browser Security, restart, run Firefox with a new testing profile. See if this makes a difference and please report back your result.

edited to add: For this test you may need to disable the ZoneAlarm Toolbar in Windows Services as it will start up automatically in standard installations. There is currently a confirmed bug in ZoneAlarm free version that installs the toolbar even if the user "opts out" during installation.

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Re: Firefox 8 Memory Leak

Here's a tip on how to reduce memory usage when it is minimized: 1. Start up Firefox 2. Type in about:config in the address bar and hit Enter 3. Right click and choose New > Boolean 4. Type config.trim_on_minimize in the pop-up box and hit Enter 5. Select True and hit Enter. 6. Restart Firefox

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Re: Firefox 8 Memory Leak


GEIAN THE HERE Smiley Happy)))

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Re: Firefox 8 Memory Leak



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Re: Firefox 8 Memory Leak

Something else which the programmers should be aware of is that once exited, the program continues. It increases the memory usage by upto 150,000kb and uses about 25% CPU usage. And can take upto 10 minutes to finally exit. This is a memory leak and nothing else. Also since you can only load add-ons which work with the latest build of Firefox (8.O) this automatically cancels the idea that these are causing the problem. Since some who do not use add-ons also get the same problem, this again confirms that it is solely a Firefox programming problem and nothing else. I notice that this is a recurring problem since v4.0. I am seriously thinking of returning to v3.6 which worked perfectly. A second point the plug-in containers also slow down the machine and interfere with the workings of Firefox, I generally remove through task manager as soon as one appears solving some problems, but not all.