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Firefox 27 crashes a lot

New Contributor

Firefox 27 crashes a lot

I updated to FireFox 27.01 about a week ago and have several crashes a day. I watch a lot of streaming on and other sites. I run almost no add-ons and have updated both my Java and Flash. I have tried resetting my FireFox but it did nothing. I also ran it in SafeMode and it still crashes. Below are my recent crash reports. I hope someone can help. i have always preferred Firefox but this constant crashing is really disrupting my productivity. The browser will just shut down and I'll get that box saying it will attempt to open my tabs again and I have the option of submitting the record. Any help?

Site Moderator

Re: Firefox 27 crashes a lot

Looks like an issue caused by videos that have one mono channel.

  • bug 970147 - Crash due to fatal assert in WASAPI: handle_channel_layout asserts with "Format not supported, and no suggestion from WASAPI."

Any luck with setting the pref to false on the about:config page?

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Re: Firefox 27 crashes a lot

Thanks for replying core-el. I read some of the comments on that link you sent and I indeed have found that when my Sound Blaster sound card has the "Disable Sound Blaster Enhancements" unchecked that I crash on the videos that were listed as causing crashes. When I checked the Disable box then I no longer crashed on those sites. It's obviously a bug. I'm just bothered that I wasn't having this problem with previous versions...only when I updated to FireFox 27.01.

I'm happy to know what it is but not happy I have to disable a bunch of features in my sound card just to use Fire Fox. I hope they fix this or look into it.

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Re: Firefox 27 crashes a lot

The milestone (target) is for the bug to be fixed by Firefox 30.