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Firefox 22 won't display embedded font

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Firefox 22 won't display embedded font

Good evening, all. This problem is similar to a problem discussed here (, but since his situation does not exactly fit mine, and none of the solutions seem to work for me, I'm opening my own thread. I am a co-webmaster of a website which utilizes an embedded Burmese font, which for ease, is managed by Wordpress, and the font is also embedded via a Wordpress plugin specifically designed for embedding Burmese fonts.

Ever since I switched my Firefox from version 18.0 to 22.0, I've noticed that the font (Myanmar3) is no longer embedded inside Firefox. It works fine in Chrome, and even in *gulp* IE. I've also tried the Android version of Firefox, and the font loads there as well, but for some reason, in my browser, unless I have "Myanmar3" selected in my Preferences, I am not able to see the font embedded, and instead, another Burmese unicode font is used in its place.

I tried troubleshooting by using the WebDeveloper panel and I found this error: [21:33:39.682] downloadable font: no supported format found (font-family: "Myanmar3" style:normal weight:normal stretch:normal src index:1) source: (end of source list) @

However, when I go to that website, and find the *.eot file used to embed the font, the file exists, and there is font data inside of it, so I don't understand why my Firefox and the Firefox on another computer in this house can not properly load the embedded font. Is it because the *.eot file is not on my own server? I fail to see how that is the reason when Firefox could load it before.

Thanks in advance for answering.

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Re: Firefox 22 won't display embedded font

I think the problem may be the use of the *.eot file. I checked with other embedded fonts on that server, and if a use a font that was uploaded as *.ttf, it now works on all browsers with no problems. However, any font that is auploaded with *.eot is not loaded properly, as shown in the WebDev panel. Any thoughts as to why this could happen?

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Re: Firefox 22 won't display embedded font

I think Firefox prefers WOFF files.

The MDN page says, about EOT: "Support of the Embedded OpenType font format is not included in the compatibility table because it is a proprietary feature."