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FF17.0.1 persona + certain add-ons cause serious lag in javascript (jquery?!) popup boxes

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FF17.0.1 persona + certain add-ons cause serious lag in javascript (jquery?!) popup boxes

I am having a very weird problem since I updated to 17.

I noticed that on some pages javascript popup windows (or perhaps jquery modal boxes would be a better description) were loading extremely slowly. It also took ages before anything responded in the box. For example a google maps windows, while the normal google maps website was functioning normally.

A website where it goes wrong is my online banking: (click on Accès clients particuliers on the top right to open the popup). It takes over a minute before you can even type your 'identifiant' (user name) and when you hover over the number, you should see a dot (password character) appearing in the text box below it). The layout is first scrambled and sometimes stays that way and it takes several minutes before it functions. And thin it responds very slow.

After hours of testing I found out that the combination: wearing persona + dictionary switcher or wearing persona + gmail checker caused this. While disabling the persona, I would not have a problem with both gmail checker and dictionary switcher. If did have a persona, I would have the same problem if gmail checker or dictionary switcher were enabled. I tested this with all the other extensions disabled.

Is this a known issue? All I know as that these 2 add-ons are officially compatible, but they are oldies that I have been using for years if I'm not mistaken. Would it be those add-ons, or a setting somewhere that I'm overlooking? Would this be a bug? Or do I have other options left to test? Certain settings perhaps that could affect this? Thank you