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FF 18.0.1 and Norton Tool bar -- Crash Reports

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FF 18.0.1 and Norton Tool bar -- Crash Reports

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bp-0f29d43b-167a-4688-9060-6b30e21301201/20/20136:48 AM
bp-efce222e-c3b2-4aec-aacd-f12bf21301201/20/20136:48 AM
bp-126882a2-b4b7-4d50-8428-2e38521301201/19/20139:08 PM
bp-e6c67d8e-4e02-4205-b914-fbcb221301201/19/20139:08 PM
bp-98bc57cd-d2c7-49df-a35c-e020421301201/19/20139:07 PM

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Re: FF 18.0.1 and Norton Tool bar -- Crash Reports

Checking the crash reports they have the crash signature coffplgn.dll@0xc7d5

This crash signature indicates that it is Norton Confidential that is causing the crashing. Norton are aware of the bug involving Norton Confidential and are working on a fix. Mozilla are working with Norton with this and have been looking for people with the problem to assist them as they hope it will help them identify the cause of the crash and speed up releasing a fix.

If you would like to help you can send a private message to Tyler Downer who works for Mozilla and is an administrator on this forum. (click on his name to see his profile which contains a link to send a PM)

Pending a fix, as a workaround you can disable the Norton Toolbar. Your system will still be protected by Norton anti-virus and firewall if you have them, but will not have access to the extra features offered by the toolbar.

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Re: FF 18.0.1 and Norton Tool bar -- Crash Reports

Another workaround is to force the installation of FireFox back to version 17.x. (And disable the automatic update while this issue is not solved). Userful as even the Safe Mode of Firefox 18.x crashes, therefore preventing the user to access the plugins management screen.