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Enable Java in v. 27.0.1

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Enable Java in v. 27.0.1

I just had to do a fresh install on my laptop after my hard drive fried. I reinstalled Firefox, and apparently it gave me a new version. I am an online student, and I need Java to run my school's website. However, when trying to find the appropriate tick box in the Options/Content menu, it is not there. I need Java to be on at all times, not just for one site. I also do not see anything about a red plugin icon on these websites; I don't see a plugin icon anywhere. I need this fixed ASAP, so I would appreciate a quick response. I cannot get homework done without it.

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Re: Enable Java in v. 27.0.1

Try go to about:config search for and change its valueto true, also go to Tools >> Addons >> Plugins and look for Java and change its option to Always active or Ask to active

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Re: Enable Java in v. 27.0.1

In current Firefox releases you can enable and disable the Java plugin in "Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Plugins"

Note that you can get a possibly colored Lego block icon on the left end of the location bar that indicates that Firefox is blocking a plugin.

You can check the Security tab Java Control Center in the Windows Control Panel to make sure that "Enable Java content in the browser" is enabled.

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