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Doesn't remember site info

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Doesn't remember site info

I use Easyfundraising as a search engine as it donates money to the charity of my choice. Previous versions of Firefox remembered which charity I had selected even though I turned off remember forms and remember passwords as I do not want these features. I've had to reload my operating system recently and ended up with the latest version of Firefox but I cant seem to get it to remember my charity. Does anyone have any clues?

By the way, when you log into this forum you need a username (that is different to your email address) and a password. If you have forgotten both (as I had) the 'reset password' feature does not enable you to get a reminder about your username - so how can you log in?!

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Re: Doesn't remember site info

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Re: Doesn't remember site info

Such details may be stored in a cookie, so make sure that you keep such a cookie.

  • Create an allow cookie exception (Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies: Exceptions) to keep such a cookie, especially for secure websites and if cookies expire when Firefox is closed.

Make sure that you do not run Firefox in Private Browsing mode.

Do not use Clear Recent History to clear the "Cookies" and the "Site Preferences"

Clearing "Site Preferences" clears all exceptions for cookies, images, pop-up windows, software installation, and passwords.