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Dissapearing cookies

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Dissapearing cookies

I'm having issues with my cookies randomly dissapearing every couple weeks.

Its not 'just one or two websites' it will be the full fleet of them.

One day i'll be logged onto a dozen websites, then the next day i'll have to relog THEM ALL... somewhat of a major inconvenience, having to reinput things like my bank info, a dozen website logins various passwords for safety and remembering all the logins.

I'm not using any 'cookie' cleaner like C cleaner. My antivirus and anti malware are not touching them cus I can still access sites without logging in, after running them... just it seems completely random.

I'm 'pretty' sure its not a setting in firefox that I have changed (since I've checked every setting that i've tried) and they still are randomly dissapearing. Very annoying to go to watch a movie on netflix and have to get my roommate to punch inthe password again because they refuse to tell me it.

It doesn't loose the information... like it saves all my 'email addresses' etc for login MOST of the time... but it randomly unlogs me from all the websites.

IS there any way to disable that or fix it?


Re: Dissapearing cookies

hello Kaelin,

 I'm not sure on  this trick i am going to explain, Just try,

open Firefox=> Edit=> Privacy=> History=>" change your option into remember history ". Just try and don't forget to inform me the result.


Amjad M

Site Moderator

Re: Dissapearing cookies

Cookies do not disappear by themselves.

Does this coincide with Firefox updating to the next version every six weeks?

In this case some cookies can get invalid.
If they have really disappeared from the Cookie Manager then I would assume that there is still security or cleanup software involved.

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Re: Dissapearing cookies

My privacy settings was already set to remember history. It remembers things like login names and all that.

while I was unaware of the 'firefox updating' every 6 weeks but it 'may' be that long between dissapearences... sometimes it seems only 2 or 3 weeks.

I haven't 'watched' the cookie manager, to watch the cookies etc, just know that randomly every single website that I am logged into, will just all at once all be logged out at the same time and i gotta relog into them when i get on in the morning.

The only 3 'cleaning' software I have on my comp is Malaware, avast, and Ccleaner which i haven't run in 3 months (really need to).

Its kinda irritating me which is why I finally came to ask you guys, hoping you guys had some 'clue' as to what was going on.

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Re: Dissapearing cookies

ccleaner might also run scheduled clean-up task in the background...