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Default download directory

New Contributor

Default download directory

Although I set Firefox to ask me where to save a doanloaded file it always gave me a default directory of ..\Downloads. Sometime ago I downloaded a file to a different (..\Microsoft) directory and since then it became the default one. No matter how many times I download files to the \download directory, the displayed default is always ..\Microsoft. How do I change it back so the default directory is ..\Downloads. (In Firefox setting it is set to ask me where to save the file)

Site Moderator

Re: Default download directory

Current Firefox versions remember the download directory based upon the URL, so if the URL changes then the default folder may be chosen if there hasn't been selected a download folder before for that server.
You can disable this feature to remember the download directory via the Boolean pref on the about:config page.
The pref doesn't exist by default (it is a hidden pref), so you need to create it.
Create a new Boolean pref with the name and set the value to false.

You may have to clear the "Site Preferences" via Clear Recent History to remove already stored data.