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Continuous We Are Sorry message pop up

New Contributor

Continuous We Are Sorry message pop up

Not sure what happen, but was working fine the night before.

Now when ever I open up Firefox I get the We are Sorry message and continues to loop until the start safe mode appears.

I can start in safe mode with no issues, I've tried disabling all the plug-ins but get the same issue.

Here are some crash report IDs Crash ID: bp-b6bc5116-1812-45e5-a00d-e306f2130228 Crash ID: bp-e5b75a93-ad59-4e43-ad06-56b562130228 Crash ID: bp-af3fde3e-01ec-4174-8fba-ba0982130228 Crash ID: bp-c664e052-5b67-47d1-8c45-2ed002130228

In addition, I get the same issue with internet explorer, I get a loop message saying thet its crashed or stopped working.

Thanks in advance

New Contributor

Re: Continuous We Are Sorry message pop up

I believe this is a result of a microsoft update for windows 7.

It was released yesterday and has caused me the exact same problems.

I managed to fix it by uninstalling the update, restarting the computer and then choosing "start in safe mode". Seems to have fixed the issue and after restarting FF (after the safe mode) it seems to run without problems in standard mode.

Hope this helps!

Site Moderator

Re: Continuous We Are Sorry message pop up

hello, this is a graphics related crash - please try updating your graphics driver, or in case this doesn't solve the issue or there is no new version available at the moment, disable hardware acceleration in firefox > options > advanced > general.

New Contributor

Re: Continuous We Are Sorry message pop up

Thanks saraneth and madperson, you are both correct.

I've actually got the latest graphics drivers, prior to posting the original post.

Looks like Microsoft's update modded some direct3D or graphics related files and turning off option fixed it.

Cheers guys, i thought i had a virus which i cannot find... ran spybot, maleware, avg...

Thank you so much!