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Changing the "places.history" values for desired results

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Changing the "places.history" values for desired results

The default value for places.history.expiration.transient_current_max_pages is set at 25309 for my browser. I wish to increase the period for which the history is being retained as presently it comes around 1 month.

What does this integer value represent,as it doesn't appear to be the number of pages( "4057 items" being shown in History).

Does putting in any random no. larger than this help me in retaining a bigger history or some thought needs to be put into it?

SUMO Contributor

Re: Changing the "places.history" values for desired results

Hello avinavneer, see the excellent info :

thank you

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Re: Changing the "places.history" values for desired results

How many physical memory do you have?

Note that the history only show the most recent visit of a specific page, so if you visit the same pages each day then the visit count increases and that also counts as visited pages.

Firefox determines automatically how many pages can be kept without affecting the performance.
You can see the current value via the read-only pref places.history.expiration.transient_max_pages on the about:config page.