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Change sidebar background color

New Contributor

Change sidebar background color

First, themes do NOT solve this problem.

I want to change the background color of the bookmark- and history sidebar. Changing themes does NOT change that background color - at least none of the 100 or so that I tried.

I asked Google, but nothing seemed to match, which is strange, I'd think LOTS of people would ask this (I'm usually LAST asking for any GUI changes, I always use what is there without changing a thing, but this light gray background is a bad fit for most websites right next to it).

Support Forum Moderator

Re: Change sidebar background color

This code in userChrome.css will do that. Change the color code to what you want.

 #bookmarks-view, #historyTree {
   background-color: #DDDDDD !important;

This add-on makes it quite easy to work with the 3 "user" files.

All Star Contributor

Re: Change sidebar background color

Those sidebar colours do change with themes for me. Bloody Red sidebar looks very different from Walnut 2 sidebar, for instance.

Site Moderator

Re: Change sidebar background color

Note that themes currently cover what used to be a persona and only style the toolbar area.
You may need to check out complete themes.