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Cannot restore backup

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Cannot restore backup

I had taken a manual backup of my firefox data as i needed to get my laptop formatted. I had copied the entire contents of the "...AppData\Roaming\Mozilla" folder onto my external HD. I have tried to follow the steps as mentioned in this article: ( but it has not helped at all. I believe i was using FF 12 before taking the backup, but i maybe wrong.

Therefore, i have a couple of questions: 1. Is there any way of knowing which version of FF was i using? 2. If not, will that affect whether i can restore FF to the earlier state.

I essentially want to restore FF to the last state i left it in, including bookmarks, preferences, plugins, etc. Please help!

(I am using FF 3 just for now. I intend to use 12/14/15 after i can restore the thing)

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Re: Cannot restore backup

The version of Firefox that you use doesn't have any impact on your backup (so long as it's 3.6-15). So if you've backed up the Mozilla folder in the APPDATA/Roaming, you can just paste the into the same location on your computer, install Firefox 15, and you can continue using Firefox.

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Re: Cannot restore backup

See also:

If you restored the profile folder and not the matching profiles.ini file then you need to use the Profile Manager to create a new profile and choose the location of the restored profile as the location of the new profile (Choose Folder).