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Call Me Crazy- Firefox Scrolling and Internet Explorer

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Call Me Crazy- Firefox Scrolling and Internet Explorer

I Love FireFox and use it almost exclusively except when sites demand it. But one thing I always envied Internet Explorer for was its superior smooth scrolling. Last night, my FireFox scrolling was as smooth and clean as IE's and I couldnt figure out for the life of me Why? -What Changed? I had updated my Synaptics Touchpad drivers last week, so I thought somehow that might be it, but why would I all of a sudden notice the change now when I use FF daily. I set IE and FireFox side by side in Win7 and tested back and forth- they were identical. I was elated!!! But still confused. I rebooted. Launched FireFox and the effect was gone, it was back to normal. I checked my Synaptic Control Panel, no changes. FireFox settings, no change. I went to bed wondering if I had imagined it all.

This morning, I ran through my head the experience last night trying to figure it out. I sat down to work, and had a thought. I had rebooted yesterday, then launched IE because I was checking for auto updates at IE dependent site. I then launched FireFox while IE was in the background... was that it?

YES IT WAS and I can duplicate it. Reboot, launch IE and leave it open, fire up FF = awesome touchpad scrolling. I can close IE and still have the better experience with FF. If I reboot, open FF first, back to normal scrolling. Now, the question- WHY?

Just or the record, system info: Windows 7 m17x r4 laptop with all the latest drivers, IE 9, FF 19.

Any thoughts on how to make this effect permanent?

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Re: Call Me Crazy- Firefox Scrolling and Internet Explorer

Is smooth scrolling enabled in Firefox?

  • Tools > Options > Advanced > General: Browsing: "Use smooth scrolling"

Try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.