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Bookmarks locking up again

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Bookmarks locking up again

The error detailed here has reared its head again:

Essentially, the user is unable to "view" the moving/deleting/sorting of bookmarks, after an initial change. So, you can take one action (moving/deleting/sorting), after which, the bookmark window appears to freeze, until you close it and reopen it. It will not scroll, it does not appear to let you edit bookmarks--everything is frozen, like a screenshot.

This occurs in both the Sidebar and the Show All Bookmarks Window. This occurs in Safe Mode and Full Mode. This occurs after exporting all bookmarks to another browser (Chrome/Safari/etc.) and reimporting. This occurs with Extension On or Off. I have followed all troubleshooting processes documented on I am running the latest update for Firefox.

This existed several years ago (I do no recall when--at that time, I just lived with it) and it eventually resolved itself with an app update (I do not know which one, or why). The most recent Firefox update reintroduces this issue.

I suspect it has something to do with how the bookmark file refreshes/renders to the window after an edit or state change is made.

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Re: Bookmarks locking up again


  1. Download, install & run
  2. Turn on telemetry
  3. Run for now in Firefox's safe mode
    (In due course a new additional test profile may help)

Some such problems may share a symptom but have different causes.

Congratulations, yours is one of the first threads I have seen that employed the new add on method of including troubleshooting information in a thread.

IIRC doing a large sort or move operations is known to and expected to cause slow downs or hangs ( but I do recall a developer mentioning Firefox will handle tens of thousands of bookmarks).

Looking into the background of the other thread I notice one issue still under investigation is

  • Bug 830423 - Avoid repeated execution of expensive daysOfHistory query

That may not have much to do with your problem, but does relate to performance issues of the same database.

I do not know if your bookmark related extensions could cause problems, or corruptions I note you have

I often recommend turning on telemetry, it was brought out after developers failed to spot regressions and gives them insight into real world performance of Firefox. It will pick up some of the problems with hangs in bookmark use. Once it has been running you may of course see the data yourself.

Also run Places Maintenance it is from a Firefox developer

It is possible running the add-on and using safemode the problem will go away, if not the add-on and telemetry collect information that should help narrow this down.

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Re: Bookmarks locking up again

I recall another thread where the library dialog was effectively unusable while Sync was enabled. Not sure whether that might be a factor here.