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All new Firefox Versions crash.

New User

All new Firefox Versions crash.

I not get the solution. The solution may be, example, deactivate the acceleration hardware,

but. I want to send the message to the Team of developers, in order to correct the code...

All new Nightly Firefoxes, after the 18.... 19, 20 and 21 versions... All, in Brazilian Portuguese and also in English.. Under Linux and also under Windows!

All crashing when opened... Not working... The coders are there writing the 21 version code, but the problem still occurs in all 19-21 versions.

tHis is a message to the coders, i dont locate how to send the message to the team, because Crash Reporter not works, since even the Firefox not works. Please correct the code for all nightly and future versions...

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Re: All new Firefox Versions crash.

My message above was sended using Mozilla SeaMonkey, as Firefox not works. I'm testing and using the Firefox nightly versions, english and Brazilian Portuguese.