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Adobe Flash Plugin crashes on Tinychat

Grand Master Contributor

Adobe Flash Plugin crashes on Tinychat

When someone broadcasts in Tinychat the Adobe Flash Plugin often crashes. I've made sure that all of my plugins are up to date and I'm using Firefox version 3.6.6 I've also tried disabling hang protection and that didn't help.

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Site Moderator

Re: Adobe Flash Plugin crashes on Tinychat

I see that you are using Shockwave Flash 10.0.r45. There is an exploited hole in that version of Flash Player. Please upgrade to Flash Player 10.1 Hopefully the problem will be fixed.

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Re: Adobe Flash Plugin crashes on Tinychat

Firefox user

Okay SOMEONE figured it out.

1. Enter your desire tinychat chat room.
2. Right click near the 4 Chat function icons.(camera,microphone,gear) A tab should come out with 3-4 options.
3. Click Settings.
4. Your Privacy tab should open already, if not click on it. Should be a picture of an screen and eye on it.
5. Click on Deny
6. Press Close.
7. A tinychat option should pop up asking if you want to try again click Close
8. Click Start Broad Casting. A pop out should be displayed giving you a few option of which camera you should use. pick whichever works for you.
9. The setting from before should come out. Click Allow this time in privacy.
10.Should work Enjoy!