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Adobe Flash Player lPlug in problem

New Contributor

Adobe Flash Player lPlug in problem

When I open a page which requires Flash Player I get a message box indicating "Adobe Flash Player 11.4.r402 has stopped working", with the sub comment "Windows is checking for a solution to the problem." I have uninstalled my flash player and reinstalled it, no luck. I have removed Firefox and reinstalled with the same problem. I have disabled Flash plugin, after which I try a live feed from BBC this web site informed me I required a plug in, as expected. I don't have this problem with Internet Explorer. The actual flash version installed is: 11.4.402.265. Any advice?

Legendary Contributor

Re: Adobe Flash Player lPlug in problem

Hi kenmaitland,

try to Turn off hardware acceleration in Firefox and "disable the hardware acceleration" in the Flash Player too :

also try to Disabling Protected Mode in Flash (the link is for 11.3, do the same for 11.4), see the same in "Last resort" in the next link from adobe forum

If you still have crashes you must download and Install Flash 10.3 but first uninstall your current version with adobe uninstaller program .

thank you