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what if you cant sync pc to mobile.

New Contributor

what if you cant sync pc to mobile.

i dont have a pc or laptop to sync my Mobile lg 9 to. so how do i get firefox to sync with my phone an other accounts on my mobile. an does Firefox use Google wallet or Google play store will firefox allow me to use Mobile carrier for payment method

Senior Contributor
Senior Contributor

Re: what if you cant sync pc to mobile.

The job of Firefox Sync is to synchronize among Firefoxes, running on different machines (PC, tablet, another PC, phone). Your case looks different: correct me if I am wrong, but you want to synchronize (URLs, passwords ...) across different applications - including Firefox - within the same Mobile hardware.

If this is the question, then look for Keypass in Google playstore - there's dozens of free suggestions for it.

Google wallet, Google play Store are external to Firefox: if a certain page you land on with Firefox needs the Wallet, then it is no concern to Firefox.