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how do i check for updates?

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how do i check for updates?

i go onto facebook and i cannot upload photos/videos as it says i need to go to 'firefox help' , 'options' and click 'check for updates'. i have spent over 3 hours trying to figure it out. why is firefox on my phone if it is not compatible with this model (nokia n900) , thank you

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Re: how do i check for updates?

Maemo is no longer supported ever since 7.0

Mozilla is only supporting Android 2.2+ now for mobile. Maemo/Meego

  Mozilla has stopped official support and development for Firefox for Maemo/Meego. The last official release for Maemo was Firefox 7.

A person by the name of Romaxa has been supplying some more recent third-party Firefox builds for the OVI store.