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firefox sync not working correctly

New Contributor

firefox sync not working correctly

I set up sync and used my favorite gmail address (sun-).

It seems I should have used the gmail address I set up my google/gmail account with ( allu-)

Now it seems I have sync on my computer, and my tablet, but I'm not sure. I know this sounds weird, but when I have sync set up on my computer, and I go to pair a device (my tablet) I have sync numbers in both my computer, and my tablet, and I am unable to erase the 3 boxes to add in numbers to either device.

I still would like to add my android phone, but I would like to fix this problem.

I guess what I would like to do is delete/uninstall my 'sync' account so I can start new with my google/gmail account (allu-).

I thought i did this, but the same thing came up, numbers in both sync set up pages on my computer, and tablet.

So maybe I have this entirely wrong, and I need to look at it from another perspective, but whatever reason, it is becoming frustrating because I need this, want this, and can't make it happen. So I would like, no need some help with this, so I can coordinate all my devices with Firefox.

I am thinking this is possible with what I read, but like I said I am definitely missing something, or I have made some mistake, that can't be fixed, because that is what I seem to have done. HELP

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Re: firefox sync not working correctly

Hello polago,

Thank you for contacting Mozilla Support. I'm sorry you're having issues with Sync and I hope we're able to help.

It sounds like you're trying to get the pairing code on both devices. You'll only need to find the code from one device, then choose Sync > Pair a Device from the device you'd like to Sync to.

You can find more information in the following article:

Connect your other device to your Sync account

Please let us know if this solves your issue.

Cheers, Patrick

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Re: firefox sync not working correctly

I don't try and get a code on both devices, they are coming up that way, without me knowingly doing anything I am aware of...................

New Contributor

Re: firefox sync not working correctly

I know I should only have a code on one device, I wasn't trying to get codes everywhere, they just came up........................

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Re: firefox sync not working correctly

Is there a way to stop the sync on my devices, and start all over again. Like I have been saying I must have did something unknowingly that has made my syncing get a bit crazy and create have sync #s on all my devices

Site Administrator

Re: firefox sync not working correctly

Hi Mike, there is a way to start over however you will need your recovery key if you want to use the same account. If it is nowhere to be found, please start a new account.

Go to the Firefox > options> Options and click on the Sync portion of that menu There is a new sync account as well on Aurora version 28 that is coming out.

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Re: firefox sync not working correctly

That seemed to work. I have not tried to sync my other devices yet, but I am hopeful.

 It almost looks like you are saying the Aurora version 28 is a version to switch to, when it is released. 

Will I be notified by Mozzila when this comes out?

I know I might be taking advantage of you with these questions, but it is hard to find good answers without spending lots of time searching here, there and everywhere, so to speak.

 So one more question, how come my password saving has stopped. It worked in the past but as of late, it sporadically asked me if I want to say updated passwords, and then it doesn't. I have a few sites, that use to have there passwords saved, and now I get nothing, very frustrating.
 So is there anything I can do to get my passwords back.
  I have switched from Ice Dragon when that didn't do well with passwords, then tried Chrome, I liked that as well, but then I realized that wasn't doing as good as Firefox did for me, so now I am back to Firefox, and that is not working very well either

Thank you for what you do................................. Mike