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enable. JavaScript. FOR. MOBLE


enable. JavaScript. FOR. MOBLE

Need. To. Read. Mail. JavaScript. MUST. BE ACTIVATED

SUMO Contributor

Re: enable. JavaScript. FOR. MOBLE

In Firefox (desktop and Android), JavaScript is enabled by default and should not need to be re-enabled. If a page is reporting that JavaScript is not enabled, it could indicate that the page is trying to use JavaScript to fire up a plugin that is not installed, and that is the page's best guess about the problem. If you can share the address of the page, someone could take a look (assuming no login is required).

To check that JavaScript is enabled on Firefox for Android, you can use the about:config page. There is no dialog for this, so you need to do a little work under the covers. Here's how:

In the Awesomebar, type or paste about:config and tap the Go arrow. You may want to bookmark this page if you like to tinker with settings.

Type jav into the search box and pause while Firefox filters the list to show preferences that contain jav.

Check under javascript.enabled to confirm that it says true. If it says false and shows a Reset button, tap Reset to restore the value to true.