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disable bounce

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disable bounce

Hello all,

I've been wanting to use Firefox Mobile for a while but the UI is difficult to use. It seems when I scroll down or up is scrolls too far then bounces back. How do I disable that bounce so it scroll and stops at the end.

Also i can't scroll up or down then over, it will only continue scrolling up or down, I have to stop first then scroll to the side or diagonal.

Another issue is if I've zoomed in then click a link and go back it doesn't remember that I've zoomed previously and zooms all the way out so I have to zoom in again. Also is there a way to get +/- zoom buttons instead of the pinch zoom.

it seems the UI was designed to mimic the iphone and the iphones UI is one of the many reasons i don't sue an iphone, I need it to be similar to the easier to sue Android UI.

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Re: disable bounce

Hi there,

We've actually removed the bounce overscrol effect in our development channels of the product. I believe this will be released with within the Firefox 27 cycle. We agreed that after using it for some time we do prefer to go back to the native look and feel of scrolling.

As for remembering the zoom level on a page, I've been wanting that for a while as well. This has been a long-time enhancement request for the product and we have an open bug filed on it over in bug 611556. Feel free to toss a vote into that bug.

Hope this answers your questions,

Aaron (Mozila QA)