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Website not displayed properly

New Contributor

Website not displayed properly

I am professional blogger and writes on my website and for IPL related stuff which is sports events. I am using Worldwidelab theme which is using Wordpress platform.

When I see my website using Mozilla for Android, it does not display proper website. If I use other browsers like Opera Mini and others, It displays properly. So, what is the problem of this issue? Is it problem related to Wordpress theme or else?

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Site Moderator

Re: Website not displayed properly

I don't see anything major wrong. Would you explain the issue in greater detail?

New Contributor

Re: Website not displayed properly

I have the same issue. And here are some screenshots. There are no settings to make it display property.

The "tiny" display is in Firefox Beta for Android. The "normal size" display is in every other Android browser.

2013-03-07-08-27-01-811c47.png 2013-03-07-08-27-25-55efab.png